72 Hour Deluxe

An extremely well thought out, affordable and high quality 72 hour deluxe 2 person survival kit from Nitro Pak. This kit has one best overall awards from leading preparedness companies and comes from a company with over 18 years building emergency kits. See why this kit is so recommended and buy something to protect yourself […]


2 Person Kit

All items in the 2 person kit are packed securely in our Elite Multi-pocket Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available for your personal items. Learn more about this 2 person Elite kit and great for married couples or roomates. This kit contains the following: Food and Water: The food and water in this kit […]


Child Survival Kit

A great survival kit for kids 11 years old or younger that is for emergency situations. This children’s survival kit that was designed to meet the needs of a child 11 years or younger. This is a quality children’s survival kit packaged neatly in a  Hikers Backpack with lots of pockets. Included are: Food and […]

Hunter’s Survival Kit

Outdoor Survival Kit Description Less than $100  bucks is a steal for this Guardian SKHK Hunters Survival Kit. The kit comes in outdoor camo print backpack so that you can stay unseen as you hunt or spend time outdoors or in the woods. Full Details & Purchase This is For a Stone-Cold Hunter For many […]

Featured Kit


4 Person Deluxe Kit

Get the kit that will protect your whole family in case of emergency with the deluxe 4 person emergency kit. This has everything you need to get through an emergency situation, hurricane, or other natural disaster. Enjoy the peace of mind know that your family will be ready if the time ever comes. The Guardian […]


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Be Heard in Any Disaster with Unstoppable Communications

The Importance of Incoming and Outgoing Communications

Communications are a vital part of any operation. Whether we are talking about military operations, business or even in a family; communication is everything. For preppers the idea of having plenty of water and food is part of the plan. Security, hygiene and first …read more

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