72 Hour Deluxe

An extremely well thought out, affordable and high quality 72 hour deluxe 2 person survival kit from Nitro Pak. This kit has one best overall awards from leading preparedness companies and comes from a company with over 18 years building emergency kits. See why this kit is so recommended and buy something to protect yourself when emergency strikes.


INCLUDES Free McNett Frontier Water Filter! ($12 value)

Best selling Earthquake 72 hour Survival Kit.


Covers 2 People for up to 72 Hours.

Nitro-Pak’s “Executive Kit” Rated #1! Comparing FIVE leading internet preparedness companies,  Order your’s NOW!

This Emergency Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit is the best, most portable 72 hour kit we could make yet still made it affordable! Don’t let the ‘executive’ name in the title scare you off thinking it’s too expensive. You’ll get ‘executive’ quality and detail at a very attractive price.

Nitro-Pak has been building 72 hour kits for over 18 years now. We’ve learned a few things along the ways like what’s really needed in your kit and what is just fluff. We realized at the offset that QUALITY COMPONENTS were essential. Our designers scouted the competition. We found that many so call “72 hour kits” were woefully inadequate! Their packs or bags were made so cheaply they wouldn’t last 2 days with my 1st grader! Many had surplus items like old lightsticks, woefully lacking in food or water, etc., just to make’m cheap. We knew we could do much better and we did.

“Your slogan, ‘Products That Bring Real-Peace-of-Mind & Security’ is really true. Your supplies & Executive 72 Hour Kit helped us make it through Hurricane Iniki on Kauai… helping us to safely evacuate… your Solar Dynamo Radio worked great!”

Dr. Jeffery Sue, M.D., Kauai, Hawaii

Hey, like you, I love a great deal just as much as anyone, but I HATE to be taken, you know, it looks good on the outside of the package but inside is nothing like you thought you were buying. To be truthful (other dealers will not like me telling you this), there is no ‘standard’ of what is required to make a “72 Hour Kit”, so do a little investigation and know what you are really purchasing. Your decision to buy a quality 72 Hour Survival Kit should not be taken lightly.

No matter what your budget is or where you purchase your preparedness supplies and 72 Hour Survival Kits, look closely at what you are getting for your money. Do not just look at the price alone, but at the quality of components you are getting… top quality or much less. Remember, what you are really purchasing is a ‘Survival Insurance Policy’ to protect you and your loved ones. Put together piece by piece yourself, our Executive 72 hour Survival Kit would cost over $185 to assemble.

Checklist  for a quality 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit:

  • Bag Quality
  • Emergency First-Aid Kit:
  • Food
  • Radio & Flashlight
  • Heat/Warmth and Shelter Options
  • Individual or Multiple People



Get an emergency Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit  designed to provide ultimate protection when you need it them most. All the core necessities like food, first-aid, light, water, heat and more are covered.