4 Person Deluxe Kit

Get the kit that will protect your whole family in case of emergency with the deluxe 4 person emergency kit. This has everything you need to get through an emergency situation, hurricane, or other natural disaster. Enjoy the peace of mind know that your family will be ready if the time ever comes.

4-person-kitThe Guardian OK4P bucket 4 person survival kit has everything you need to get you and your family through a major emergency or disaster.

First Aid Necessities
This Guardian OK4P bucket 4 person survival kit has everything you need to treat minor injuries and help protect against serious health concerns that might occur during an emergency or disaster situation.

Lighting, Shelter, Tools
This Guardian bucket 4 person survival kit includes: 4 in 1 radio flashlight, emergency candles, glow sticks,  survival whistle, blankets, tube tent, emergency ponchos, a 16 function knife, gloves, tarp, dust masks, goggles, and more.

Food & Water Supplies
With a 5 year shelf life, this Guardian bucket 4 person survival kit includes food and water supplies to keep you and your family comfortable during an emergency situation.

Hygiene & Sanitation
Staying clean protects against infection, disease, and depression. This Guardian OK4P bucket 4 person survival kit includes hygienic and sanitation supplies to keep everyone clean and healthy.


  • Model: OK4P
  • UPC: 616983314593
  • Product Type: Bucket Survival Kit 4 Person
  • Product Dimensions: L: 12.00″ x W: 12.00″ x H: 15.00″
  • Product Weight: 22.00 lbs.
  • Application: Provides necessities to aid in emergencies and disaster situations
  • Type: Survival Kits
  • Emergency Type: Home
  • Number of People: 4
  • Length of Use: 72 hours
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Kit Includes: Food and water, light and communications, shelter and warmth, tools, hygiene and sanitation, and a first aid kit


  • 65 piece first aid kit to assist with minor injuries
  • Emergency lighting and radio, emergency glow sticks for communication
  • Provides shelter and warmth for up to 4 people
  • Toilet bags with chemicals, 4 hygeine kits, and other hygienic necessities
  • Tools to help with personal protection, shelter, transport, and navigation
  • Water pouches, food bars, and water purification tablets