Hunter’s Survival Kit

Guardian SKHK Hunters Survival Kit

Outdoor Survival Kit Description

Less than $100  bucks is a steal for this Guardian SKHK Hunters Survival Kit. The kit comes in outdoor camo print backpack so that you can stay unseen as you hunt or spend time outdoors or in the woods. Full Details & Purchase

This is For a Stone-Cold Hunter
For many true hunters, self sufficiency is key when you are out and about in the great outdoors. Every item included in this outdoor hunting kit makes you more self dependent when you are out hunting or stalking your prey.

Be Ready to Go
This outdoor hunting kit has a shelf-life of 5 years. That means it can sit around for awhile until you need it, and then you can grab it and go when you need to. Don’t waste another second guessing if this kit is ready because it’s just what the hunter or outdoorsman needs.

Nature Sometime the Biggest Enemy
Sometimes we all have to be aware and careful around Mother Nature. One item in this kit is  a multi-function shovel omni tool to be used in any surroundings. There is also a 4-in-1 flashlight performs as a flashlight, radio, siren and charger if you need it.

Don’t Let Down The Guard
Food and water can help you survive outside when you need it and stay alert when you need to be.  Fist aid kits that are also camo print and a hygiene kit can both keep you comfortable in the great outdoors.