Heat Wave or Not, Are You Properly Hydrated?

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A heat wave that broiled the southwestern United States is finally cooling (to 100-plus degree days in some places, but still.) Tropical Storm Cindy has caused tornadoes and flooding all the way into Ohio. They have something in common: both these types of natural disasters require …read more

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Some Frugal Tips For Preppers on Water

By Brian F

I have come to believe that it is just human nature that drives us as a society to over complicate our home built projects, we see someone that we want to replicate and we drive forward with out stopping to have a good think over.

My case this month …read more

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Wool Blankets and clothing for preppers: Weekly Product Review

Wool Blankets and clothing, why do we need these? Are wool blankets even necessary as a bush crafter, camper, survivalist or prepper? It is my opinion that wool blankets are essential components of any camping kit. Add a 9′x9′ or larger tarp and a few dozen feet of …read more

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Must read tips on how to rebuild, repair, and re-purpose

guest post by BCtruck

I want to ask folks a question. If today was the last day of the life we all know, one with everyday conveniences such as running water, electricity, a myriad of different foods a short drive and in some cases, walk away, and most importantly, …read more

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Wolf Pack Pantry Challenge (Week 7)

By Bam Bam

When it rains, it pours. You’ve had a terrible week and now it is time to do some problem solving. At some time during the night someone raided your garden. They must have been scouting your property, you realize, because they stripped your fruit trees right as the …read more

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Understanding the difference in preppers: in place of the Weekly Review

Understanding what prepping is all about is a simple enough statement, right? Sadly, this is not the case, there are two distinct camps among people who prepare. Doomsday prepping and lifetime prepping.

Trigger warning for those who are easily offended, the following is my opinions, they do not represent the owner …read more

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I Predict: What 12 Global Experts Believe You Will See Before 2025!

As a thank you to subscribes to my new site (that compliments and is an extension this one) MDCreekmore.com on July 18, 2017, I will be randomly picking five (5) emails from the subscriber email list who will each receive a paperback copy of the awesome book “<a target=_blank …read more

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How To Simulate Emergencies in Your Own Home

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There is a tendency for those interested in Emergency Preparedness to buy up their food storage and prepare a 72-hour kit and then rest easy knowing they’ve done all they need to do. Ah, if only this were true! The best time to rest on your laurels is never! Getting …read more

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America’s Pastime

America’s Pastime.

…read more

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Do You Know How to Cook with Your Long-Term Food Storage?

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In my work as an Emergency Preparedness expert, the question on top of everyone’s lists about food storage is, “Yeah, but how do you cook with it?”

We all know that you’re supposed to rotate your food storage regularly so it won’t go bad – even wheat will become inedible if …read more

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